Mindfulness and Digital Waste

Who among us hasn’t taken 12 shots of the same subject and then ended up choosing and using only two images?

Have we even bothered spending time to enjoy the beauty of the subject photographed or ponder on the meaning of the photo? Or are we just rushing to get the images uploaded on our social media platforms and then wait to see how many people will “like” and comment on the said posting(s)?

And who else among us spend our days mindlessly forwarding messages without stoping to ponder for a moment if the contents are true or even of value to its recipients?

On behalf of I, me and myself, the humble response is “guilty as charged.”

A photo and video exhibition by Madhvee Deb called Digital Waste: the Sweet Smell of Burning, is taking place in George Town and highlightsthe behavioural issues of taking excessive photographs and a disproportionate exchange of worthless information on social media.

The photographs and objects primarily use rejected images, the leftover images we discard when searching for the perfect photo to post online – showcasing the hypnotic effect of social media on the human mind in a subtle and humorous way.

Her exhibition is open to the public at OME Spacebar Coffee (Lorong Toh Aka in George Town) throughout the George Town Festival 2018.

Well done Madhvee, for the gentle reminder to be present in the moment and think again about spending endless hours on our smartphones and tablets daily and ignoring real people and our surroundings, because we are so caught up with/in the virtual world!

(Images of exhibition and exhibits courtesy of Madhvee Deb)

#gtf2018 #georgetownfestival #photography #digitalwaste #mindfulness #technology


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