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Timeout (for the sweet tooth) at Doutor

I must confess that I am no coffee addict although the sweet treats accompanying them at coffee outlets are usually the draw for me. When Adeline kindly invited me to try out Texchem Resources Bhd’s first Doutor Coffee outlet in Penang, the prospect of checking out some fine Japanese pastries was the carrot. Doutor Coffee Japan is an artisanal coffee chain which was founded in 1980 in Tokyo’s Harajuku district. The brand has grown to countries like Singapore, Taiwan and Malaysia where it appears to be a haven for Japanese expatriates who are craving for a taste of  a “home”-brewed cuppa. For those who have savoured this new brand, the thumbs up is what they have offered by way of opinion.

In Malaysia, Doutor Coffee outlets are found in Penang’s Gurney Plaza, at Aeon Tebrau in Johor Bahru, along with Sunway Velocity Mall and Aeon Bukit Tinggi.

Together with Fanne and Debbie, we were a tad unorthodox and dived into the Strawberry French Toast (RM15.90) first. It turned out to be just the right portion for four people to share and not get on a sugar high! Fresh and generous amounts of  berries, along with a dollop of vanilla ice cream were part of this entree.

The Carbonara dish which had a good balance of  greens, sausages, chicken ham and an egg yolk won my vote and is something I would try again. 

The Fluffy Souffle Doria (RM19.90) was a nice savoury lunch alternative owing to the generous use of cheese and the light-as-air eggs. 

The much-anticipated desserts for us were the Vanilla Souffle (RM8.90) which won me over and Chocolate Souffle Pancake (RM14.90) which tasted more like sponge cake than it did a pancake.

The portions at this cosy coffee shop are fairly generous and owing to the richness of its offerings, it would be best if dishes (and desserts) are shared or one would end up feeling stuffed very fast and deprived of other treats (especially the sweet ones!)

Photos courtesy of  Texchem Resources Bhd