Time-out in Tambun

Bukit Tambun on mainland Penang is only a 45-minute ride from George Town on a traffic-clear day. The drive to this fishing village is one which is akin to taking a chill pill. Swaying coconut trees, cool breezes and a laid-back way of life greet any stressed out person driving into the village. Defences are let down as one takes in the slip-slap of the waves while fishermen take off or return on their boats. The healthy and green mangroves also lend a sense of calm to the senses as one delves into fresh seafood offerings at the various eateries built on stilts.

The star dish of the day was the Crab Fried Rice recommended by Ed for my crustacean-loving friends.

Handcrafted Hainanese Happiness

Penang’s oldest restaurant Loke Thye Kee (which means House of Happiness in Hainanese) continues to spread the joy of Hainanese eats, thanks to its new operator.

This particular cuisine pays homage to the migrants from Hainan in China, who were employed by the British in their homes in the then-occupied Malaya.

The Traditional Hainanese Chicken Pie (touted as a handcrafted signature item on the menu since 1919) lives up to its name at Loke Thye Kee today. Fresh-off-the-oven goodness is detected as the buttery flakes off the puff pastry melt in your mouth along with the creamy chicken filling.

Ms MaryEd was not wrong in selecting this venue (located at the intersection of Burma Road and Penang Road) for a recent birthday celebration, by acknowledging the ship-inspired restaurant’s heritage as a choice spot for birthday and wedding parties.